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A wide range of cleaning and hygiene products The cuines, hotels, restaurants, càterings, hospitals, residences, esportius centers, schools and kindergartens:


Detergents and disinfectants liquid and powder specific for laundry and washing machine. Dosing systems for dishwashers, i renters rentat tunnel industrials.

  • Detergents and polishes for car wash machines and dishwashers.
  • Alkaline liquid and powder detergents for washing clothes
  • Wetting and degreasing enzyme
  • Oxygenated and chlorinated bleaching
  • Of neutralizing alkalinity and chlorine
  • Suavitzants roba




Ancillary Products comprehensive hygiene per instal them·facilities:

  1. CEL·Cellulose: Paper eixugamans, paper higiènic domèstic i industrial, tovallons, tablecloths, cloth rolls, paper camilla i paper oven. Service personalization napkins and tablecloths.
  2. BOSSES: Garbage, recycling, T-shirt, mercat, freeze, vacuum packing bags i cooking, bosses de paper.
  3. GLOVES: Flocats, sensitive, reforçats, nitrile, protection, Disposable (Latex, vinyl and nitrile).
  4. PERSONAL ITEMS: Articles and disposable accessories, aprons and gowns, masks and goggles, combs, boats, clamps and clothes hangers.
  5. Utensils DISPOSABLE: Location, glasses, covered, canyes, escuradents, blondes and stands.
  6. REELS AND TRAY: Coils alumini i plastic coils, dispensers, aluminum trays, recipients PP, OPS, PET i foam, recipients ús alimentari, cardboard trays, pizza boxes.
  7. BAIETES, I SHEETS FREGALLS: Cloth in rolls or packs, microfiber cloths, Mats puts glasses, sheets, rags workshops, Grills, rolls chip, metallic pads·LiCU i fiber fregalls i disc scrubbing, kits de neteja.
  8. CUBELLS, CARTS AND PAPER: Buckets Bath, scrubbing cubells, bins and dumpsters, neteja carts, bins, cubes, containers diapers, paraigüers.
  9. Brooms and brushes: Brooms and sticks, brooms palm mill, industrial brushes, special brushes, brushes Arrelles i collectors.
  10. FREGONES I MOPES: Spare mop i pals, mopadores i Parts, mopsecs.
  11. PROFESSIONAL CLEANING ACCESSORIES: Cleaner, wetting, racletes, scrapers, telescopic poles, A spray, utensilis d’ús alimentari i pinces recollidores.
  12. Hospitality products: Tablets and sachets of soap, wipes i other products.
  13. CONTROL and traceability: Orthopedics, tires control oli, notes post-it.
  14. OTHER ARTICLES: Desaranyadors and plumes, toilet brushes, desembussadors, wet floor signs, scales , baby changer, block command, Knife sterilizer cabinet, armaris plàstic, recipients antihumitat, barres ajuda, braçalets no transferibles, espelmes.


Complete range of soap dispensers, dispensadors of paper, holder toilet paper rolls, paper towel dispenser, eixugamans electric i freshener dispensers. We finished stainless steel appliances, plàstic o metall.





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